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Epoxy Flooring by Creative Flooring Indianapolis Indiana

100% solids clear epoxy coating, high gloss.

Epoxy is a coating used to protect concrete floors from the wear and tear of everyday use. Typically seen in restaurant kitchens, retail stores, and other commercial facilities, epoxy floor coatings are used to protect and seal your base floor to give it long-lasting durability, and a finished look.

Commercial Epoxy Floors

We epoxy floors from the basic thin-coat epoxy typically used in storage areas, thin-coat epoxies with colored flake, and thin-coat epoxies with a urethane top coat. Our premium epoxies include 100% solids 2 part systems to quartz systems with colored granules with coordinating cove base if desired.

We can apply this beautiful and functional epoxy flooring treatment in laboratories, auto service floors, retail spaces and more. We offer epoxy floor coatings in a wide variety of color choices and several matte to glossy finishes.

Epoxy Flooring: Not Just For Looks

Epoxy Flooring Retail Commercial Floors Indianapolis Indiana

Thin coat epoxy with matte finish

Anywhere there is concrete that needs to be protected from harsh chemicals or fuels and oils should consider epoxy coating as a means of protecting the concrete. This can be for mechanic shops, airplane hangers, labs or places that must be cleaned with chemicals like food production facilities and restaurant floors.

Whether the project is on new concrete or old concrete, we properly prepare the surface before application. Our methods for preparation include shot blasting or diamond grinding of the surface to remove sealers or contaminants so that the bond to the concrete will be permanent. Our sources include name brand manufacturers and we follow architectural specifications as required. This process will give building owners and tenants a functional and visually appealing flooring surface at a very reasonable cost.

Epoxy concrete coating by Creative Flooring IndianapolisCreative Flooring can install epoxy flooring at commercial, retail, institutional facilities anywhere in the state of Indiana, eastern Illinois or western Ohio. We service clients and contractors from our office on the north east side of Indianapolis, Indiana.  

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