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Concrete Staining Sealing Refinishing Indianapolis IndianaCreative Flooring Contractors Division is a specialty flooring company providing unique services to contractors and property owners. Our mission is serving the flooring removal, concrete polishing and concrete sealing needs of commercial and institutional properties. Our project scope includes services ranging from old flooring removal, concrete preparation and leveling, to applying epoxy, polishing and staining the concrete.  The bottom line is that Creative Flooring has a proven history of producing beautiful floors for retail, restaurants, schools, offices, educational and institutional clients.  Click or tap here to tell us about your project.

About Creative Flooring

In business since 1995, we have been the go to service provider for flooring removal and concrete work for hundreds of project managers for hundreds of companies. Whether it’s ripping up old, unwanted flooring, or giving it new life with polished or stained concrete, we will work to give you and your client exactly what they are looking for.

What We Offer

flooring removal West Baden Springs by Creative Flooring in Indianapolis

Flooring Removal Services

One of the hardest parts in a commercial remodeling project is the removal of the old flooring. We have the crews and equipment to take up any floor quickly, consistently, and while being minimally invasive to the rest of your project. Our staff will work hard to keep the flooring demolition project on schedule.

The cost for flooring removal is dependent on amount and type of flooring being removed. To receive a quote on your project, please contact us and we will work with you to get your flooring removal started as soon as possible. No job is too tough. See more here.

concrete floors in restaurants by Creative Flooring Indianapolis IndianaPolished and Stained Concrete

We have done specialty concrete finishing work for a variety of commercial facilities, ranging from hotels, schools, office buildings, stores, and restaurants. Our two types of concrete finishing work, staining and polishing, both enhance the concrete already present in your space, and add a clean look and shine that really catches the eye of everyone who walks in. We can customize your look to be matt or glossy. It’s up to you and your client as to what color you choose and the level of shine that you want your floors to have. Indoor or outdoor, we can update your look with a fresh stain or polish, or a new color that will make your space crisp and bright.

All of our concrete finishing services are done at very competitive rates based on the service requested, the level of shine, and the amount needed to be finished. To get a quote for your project, please contact us with a description of your project and we will work with you to ensure you get your desired result.   See more here.

Epoxy concrete coating by Creative Flooring IndianapolisEpoxy Floor Coatings

Creative Flooring Contractors Division has done great work in epoxy coatings for retail stores, restaurants and other commercial floors. These types of floors are often seen in restaurant kitchens, storage areas, breakrooms, factories, medical facilities. These coatings can withstand forklift traffic and harsh chemicals, and are perfect for the parts of your space that are industrial and may get wet and used frequently. For a quote on this coating, please contact us with information about your project.